Q: Does the TENMAT Loft Cover meet Australian standards?

Yes, TENMAT Loft Covers fully meet the requirements of AS 3000:2007 including the onerous thermal testing of AS 60598.1 and AS 60598.2.2 and so can be fitted with total confidence.

Q: Where should TENMAT Downlight Enclosures be used?

On top of every downlight and recessed light to prevent insulation from coming in touch with it. Almost every type of building from your home to apartment buildings, assisted living facilities to hospitals, schools, dormitories, commercial buildings has downlights and will therefore require proper passive fire protection.

Q: What Wattage lamp can be used with TENMAT Loft Covers?

The TENMAT Loft Covers are tested with 50 Watt lamps, this is unlike most covers which are very limited upon the Wattage tested.

Q: How much do TENMAT Downlight Guards cost?

For Pricing and availability please click here.

Q: How fast can I get TENMAT Downlight Protection Covers?

TENMAT has a broad network of stocking distributors throughout Australia. Material is usually in stock and can be shipped within 24 hours.
For a list of TENMAT distributors or how to order please contact us.

Q: Are TENMAT Downlight Covers Internationally Approved?

TENMAT fully fire rated and energy saving covers have been and are being supplied in large volumes into Europe and North America and have been approved to the most onerous fire test standard in those areas. Audits of both the production and products are conducted by Independent bodies from both Europe and North America to ensure that quality and performance are always maximized.

Q: How long have TENMAT Loft Covers been produced?

Loft covers have been produced at TENMAT for almost a decade and have been supplied in large volumes for both residential and commercial applications.

Q: Are the TENMAT Fire Rated Light Covers easy to install?

Yes. The covers are supplied ready to install.
There is no additional assembly required. The TENMAT Loft Cover can simply be placed over the light, either piercing the cover to pass the power leads through it or running the power leads under the rim of the cover.
If insulation is not being laid over the cover then the transformer (if used) can sit on top of the cover. If insulation is being run over the cover then the transformer should be fitted clear of the insulation. Do not fit the transformer inside the cover. The covers can be installed with a single trip up the ladder without screws and nails! The covers and cones are extremely lightweight and can be easily handled by one person.
For more information please view our installation instruction.

Q: What is the life expectancy of a TENMAT Loft Cover?

In normal dry roof space conditions the life expectancy is unlimited, the covers are unaffected by fungal growth and do not offer a food source for vermin.

Q: Are the covers suitable for a range of fixtures?

Yes. TENMAT Fixture Protection Covers have been designed to fit over a wide range of downlight fixtures. TENMAT Downlight Protection Covers come in two different shapes with different sizes and diameters.
For a full range of TENMAT products please click here.

Q: Can the covers reduce noise transmission through the fixtures?

Yes. The covers are designed to completely cover the fixtures and exhibit excellent acoustic insulating properties. The covers have been tested for their soundproofing capabilities and found to significantly reduce the noise traveling through the holes made in the ceiling for the fixtures.

Q: How much energy can I expect to save by fitting TENMAT Loft Covers?

The efficiency of the ceiling insulation can be increased by 50% in a typical room with downlights by using TENMAT Loft Covers, this is due to the removal of gaps normally associated with downlights and the ability to run insulation directly over the loft cover. TENMAT users experience significant energy savings. See Independent Energy Saving Report.

Q: Do the covers require any maintenance?

No. The covers do not require any maintenance