Tested and Approved Downlight Protection Covers

TENMAT Downlight Protection Cover

TENMAT FIREFLY Downlight Protection Covers

TENMAT presents the FF130 and FF120 loft covers, which meet and surpass the requirements of AS 3000:2007 whilst also dramatically reducing the energy loss associated with downlights. Unlike other products on the Australian market, TENMAT covers are fully tested for lamps up to and including a full 50 Watts, this is a critical safety factor as it must be assumed that 50 Watt lamps will be fitted at some point in the future.

TENMAT works with many lighting manufacturers worldwide and there is general consensus that downlights:

1) Should never be directly covered with insulation.

2) Downlights require ventilation to prevent overheating.

TENMAT covers fulfill both of these requirements as the porous nature of the material allows controlled airflow.

All TENMAT Downlight Protection Covers comply with:
- AS 3000:2007
- AS 60598.1
- AS 60598.2.2
- Wiring Regulation AS/NZS 3000:2007 Figure 4.7 under Recessed Luminaires - Clause Method (b)

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Link to the Australian Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers' Association (ACIMA)


The first fire-resistant and flexible enclosure for light fixtures, downlights and spotlights to fully meet the following Australian Standards AS 3000:2007, AS 60598.1, AS 60598.2.2 and Wiring Regulation AS/NZS 3000:2007. TENMAT Fire Rated Light Covers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and can be used with a wide range of recessed light models from various manufacturers. The TENMAT Insulation Cover for recessed lighting and downlights acts as a fire barrier, but also helps to significantly reduce energy loss through the recessed light fixture.